Linda Brill

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Linda Brill: Quietude

Solo Exhibition, Seminar Gallery

Dean Clough Galleries

Mat 3rd to May 25th 2014


 "I concentrate on creating a particular atmosphere around a subject, be it a cityscape or a still life - it is a stillness or contemplative quality that inspires me". Linda Brill graduated from Cardiff Art College in 1979. She came to Yorkshire in 1984 as ExhibitionOrganiser for Thornton's Soutg Aquare Gallery and has since held key administrative posts both for IOU and Dean Clough. She has exhibited widely in the region but not, perhaps, as prominently as her work deserves. While Linda works in photography, her lens is drawn towards tone and mood and it would be entirely wrong to suggest that her painting is 'simply' pictorial. Her graphite drawing technique is concsiously worked and layered: something that denotes a preoccupation with depth rather than line - as is evident from her skilled but more traditional canvases. "Images emerge from darkness, everyday objects sit alongside one another on shelves - flowers fruit and vegetables often take centre stage for their textural beauty and colour variations. Any object is worth scrutiny and the time involved in creating a painting gives me the opportunity to really look and appreciate the complexity and wonder of things, natural or man-made, that are so often taken for granted'.

Vic Allan, Arts Director, Dean Clough Galleries